The citizen di maggios glasgow

New Opening: The Citizen, St Vincent Place, Glasgow

  Read all about the latest opening in Glasgow The Di Maggio Restaurant Group continue their domination of St Vincent Place with the opening of The Citizen.  This beautiful building was once where copies of The Glasgow Citizen and Evening Citizen newspapers were put together. Nowadays it is full of images of local citizens by

Event: Galloway Country Fair, 19-20 August

Country pursuits and entertainment for all Looking for a great day out on the weekend of 19-20 August? Then look no further than Galloway Country Fair. We first visited last year and had a smashing time.           There will be food and drink a plenty with almost 40 exhibitors in the

Event review: An audience with Nick Nairn

Dinner, bed, breakfast, celebrity chef? Check! January is a cold dreich month, so when I was invited to An Audience with Nick Nairn at the Double Tree by Hilton Dunblane, I jumped at the chance. The Dunblane Double Tree is a great place to escape those winter blues and the opportunity to try some of Nick's

Recipe creamed brocolli

Recipe: Creamed Broccoli

Tired of trees? Then here is a creamy alternative take that will change your opinion on broccoli forever. It also has the advantage of using the stalk, so waste is minimal. Creamed broccoli works well with grills and roasts. Or dilute it with chicken stock and add a splash of white wine for a great

Creamed cauliflower recipe

Recipe: Creamed Cauliflower

Cauliflower cheese is nice, but there are many other ways to cook this great vegetable. Creamed cauliflower is one of them. Creamed cauliflower does not taste like mashed potato... it tastes like cauliflower! But it makes a very healthy almost carb free alternative to the tattie. Creamed cauliflower is also very versatile and mixes well with

Miller and Carter Glasgow

Restaurant Review: Miller and Carter, 47 St Vincent Street, Glasgow

Grand premises, grand food? Over the last few years Glasgow’s St Vincent Street has become burger central with properties transformed into burger chains seemingly as soon as they become vacant. Miller and Carter is sited at 47 Vincent Street where the Post Office used to be, and long before that a bank (as referenced by the

Creamed celeriac recipe

Recipe: Creamed Celeriac

Creamed Celeriac I sometimes see people in supermarkets staring at celeriac, clearly wondering what you do with it. That's not surprising. Celeriac has long stringy roots which give it a knobbly bottom and an odd internal pattern. Don't be put off by the appearance. It is a wonderful vegetable and a perfect match for rich flavoured

5 whiskies for Burns Night

A dram for Burns night The choice of dram for your Burns night supper is a serious affair. Research is required. With friends, with acquaintances and most importantly, in the field. Discussions can become heated and last late into the night. At great personal sacrifice I have swallowed that burden for you, and offer the following

Whisky sauce gravy burns supper

Recipe: Whisky Gravy

  Traditionally, the only thing that was poured over haggis was a dram. But times change, and whisky sauce is now a popular part of the bards supper. There is no set recipe for whisky gravy, so here are three variations for your Burns supper. Whisky gravy does not require your best malt. In fact most

Sugar syrup

Recipe: Sugar Syrup

Lots of cocktails ask for sugar syrup. It is used to add sweetness without the grainy texture of sugar crystals, and to add bulk. You can buy ready made sugar syrup, but why bother when it is simplicity itself to make. Sugar syrup is Sugar dissolved in water. The only decision is how thick you