mark and emma foodie explorers editors
rueda and fred

Chief Taster – Fred will always be known as our Chief Taster.  He passed away in October 2021 but is still here in our hearts, and we still expect him to jump up for a sniff of what we are eating.

Trainee Taster – Frankie is the new kid on the block.  We have found out that he likes cheese and whisky.  Expect to see him popping up on Instagram.

mamasan shanghai cleo

Trainee Taster – Trainee taster Cleo very picky about what she eats. Usually found eyeing up seagulls from the window.


Mr Foodie – Mark likes to eat everything, the stranger the better. Likes a bargain and lives to travel.


Mrs Foodie – Emma loves her bed, books and beer.  Most likely to be found on a couch snuggling a cat.

Maureen Foodie Lass

Maureen Foodie Lass – Foodie Lass is a passionate foodie with a background in advertising and more recently food author (with a range of successful health and nutrition books under my belt).

I spent several years living in Australia (experiencing food cultures from that part of the world) plus many food adventures in European countries.

My most recent food passion has been watching ‘Somebody feed Phil’ on Netflix!

the colonel

Colonel Mustard – dislikes that green salad stuff. Likes meat.

Don Ivan spent 25 years working as a chef in-and-around the Glasgow area. He watched the rise of Lambrusco, the demise of the steak house and still remembers life before Mcdonalds. He then spent many years working on education projects in Europe. Still a keen cook, he has picked up the odd tip or two along the way and now enjoys sharing them on these pages.

Our old friend Local Chef has been eating solid food since the early 80’s and cooking in professional kitchens for the past 15 years.  A huge fan of fresh produce, hater of burgers and sloppy service, his favourite foods are classic European and modern Eastern/Asian.