Food Review: Robyn’s Nest, Maryhill, Glasgow (Still Game Cafe)

Robyn’s nest cafe Maryhill Still Game breakfast

Breakfast with Jack and Victor at Robyn’s Nest

Robyn’s Nest on Glasgow’s Maryhill Road has a special claim to fame. It is the cafe where the cafe sequences for Still Game are shot. For big fans of the TV series Robyn’s Nest is a place of special pilgrimage. We visited recently to check it out.


There are two menus; a well stocked regular menu with all the expected favourites; Roll and Bacon £1:80; Roll and Sausage £1.80; doublers £2:50. There are also meals including Steak Pie, Lasagna and Chicken Curry. So no shortage of choice.

Robyn’s nest cafe Maryhill Still Game breakfast

The second menu is the Still Game Breakfast menu which features seven breakfast selections all served with tea, coffee, toast or a roll. Again no shortage of choice and tinned plum tomatoes which I haven’t seen on a breakfast menu for years.

Robyn’s nest cafe Maryhill Still Game breakfast


I hadn’t enough time to try a full breakfast, but the steady stream being served certainly looked good. Instead I plumped for a wee roll and sausage and a cuppa.

Service was quick and friendly. I was soon tucking into my hot filled roll. The sausage was fine and as is  usual benefitted from a generous dollop of sauce. The roll however had seen better days.  So a bit of a disappointment there.

Robyn’s nest cafe Maryhill Still Game breakfastOne glance around and you are reassured that Robyn’s Nest has high hygiene standards. From the stainless steel lined open kitchen to the freshly painted walls it’s spotless.

Robyn’s nest cafe Maryhill Still Game breakfast Decoration wise it’s a bit surreal. Multicoloured chairs compete for eye space with red and white decor and bright red prints of London scenes. At first I thought London was the theme, but then I realised everything was carefully matched to the tinned plum tomatoes.  In any case, you won’t be falling asleep in here. It’s bright, cheerful and refreshing.  Carbs and colour… a perfect hangover cure.

A special mention must go to the table mats. The mats, along with the condiments, are set out with military precision. I am guessing they used a ruler and some sci-fi thing that aligns them with the planets. It’s worth visiting for the decor alone.

Robyn’s nest cafe Maryhill Still Game breakfast

The not so fresh roll was a disappointment, but not enough to put me off a return visit to try a Still Game breakfast.

Robyn’s Nest cafe Maryhill Still Game breakfast


+ budget friendly
– roll wasn’t as fresh feeling as would have liked.


Robyn’s Nest

1494 Maryhill Rd, Glasgow, G20 9AD

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