Lime Pickle Week 1

Lime pickle week 1

My lime pickle has been fermenting for a week now. It has settled by about two inches and built up about half a jar of liquid.

Lime pickle week 1
The liquid is drawn out by the salt. No need to worry if you do not have much liquid. There may not have been much in the limes. I have made batches where it was quite dry.

Remember to turn the jar every day or so to redistribute the salty liquid. Also, have a sniff. It should smell not bad. If it smells awful, or has turned black. Bin it. If you get some white mould growing on the surface thats ok. They are good guys. You can remove it or stir it in.

Lime pickle week 1
At least another three weeks to go, so if you are pickling with me, just let it do its thing. And remember to collect some empty jars for your finished product. (Here’s a link to part two)

Inspired to make some – here’s the link to the recipe 

Lime pickle recipe pin


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