Food Review: Brunch at Kilmurry & Co, Shawlands, Glasgow

Kilmurray and co Shawlands brunch cafe

Brunch at Kilmurry & Co in Shawlands Located where the disappointing Green's Coffee House used to be, and before that BetFred and once upon a time, Newlands Post Office, is Kilmurry & Co. If you've passed here recently you'll have noted the outdoor seating area, which blocks off the post boxes but they are actually still in

Chicken Marbella recipe Spanish food

Recipe: Chicken Marbella

A seventies dinner party favourite rediscovered. Chicken Marbella supposedly first appeared in “The Silver Pallate”, a US cookbook. Though you have to wonder what the good people of Marbella did with their chicken in the thousands of preceding years. The chicken is marinaded in a sweet and sour mix, then braised in the marinade. The

Radhuni loanhead The Radhuni loanhead edinburgh curry foodie explorers curry

Food Review: Radhuni, Loanhead

Radhuni, home of the best curry chef in Scotland! We were told that Radhuni is a Bengali word meaning 'passionate cook' so where else would you expect to find the winner of the Scottish Curry Awards' Chef of the Year 2018, Ashok Ram, working? In the business for seven years with a steady trade from locals,

Barristers restaurant bar Knutsford Cheshire

Food Review: Barristers Restaurant and Bar, Knutsford

Barristers restaurant and bar: an arresting location We stopped off at Barristers Restaurant and Bar in the pretty town of Knutsford in Cheshire for a well-earned lunch after driving down from Glasgow.   What was Knutsford Magistrates Court is now a fine-looking restaurant, bar, wedding venue and now a hotel as well!  No leg irons,

easyHotel USB bedside phone chargers

easyHotel launch “Aroomatherapy”

easyHotel introduces “Aroomatherapy” service for guests I seriously had to check the date with this one.  easyHotel are trialling bespoke sachets for guest rooms with ‘Aroomatherapy’ fragrance options include bacon, bread, coffee, chocolate, fresh grass, popcorn and bubble gum.   The service will be trialled in the new easyHotels in  Sheffield, Leeds and Barcelona, which

denny's facebook

Another American chain picks Glasgow

American Chain Denny's to open in Glasgow American Chain Denny's have announced online that they are coming to Glasgow.   What is Denny's and where do you think they will open? Denny's is America's diner. which opened originally as a doughnut stand in 1953 and grew to become a chain with over 1700 locations.  

The Lookiut by Gardeners Cottage edinburgh

New restaurant from The Gardener’s Cottage Chef Dale Mailey name released

Dale Mailley, chef director of The Gardener’s Cottage, has revealed the name for his third Edinburgh restaurant The Lookout by Gardener’s Cottage is a partnership with Collective. The Collective are an organisation who are currently re-developing the City Observatory site on Calton Hill into a new home for contemporary art. The site will incorporate a

Brooklyn brewery Brooklyn on tour Glasgow

Event: Brooklyn on Tour

Brooklyn On Tour Brooklyn Brewery came to Glasgow on Saturday with their “Brooklyn on Tour” experience visiting Barras Art and Design (BAaD). We popped along for some beer, scran from Julie’s Kopitiam, music from DJ collective Frogbeats and also got to watch street-artist Rogue-One create a new piece. Julie’s Kopitiam were serving Drunken Braised Pork Belly

Borough Restaurant Leith Foodie Explorers Review

Food Review: Borough, Leith

Putting the Borough back into Edinburgh Following the abrupt departure of chef-patron Scott Smith from Norn, ‘Borough’ (not ‘Burgh’) fills the space vacated by that rather splendid restaurant (and before that, the Michelin-starred Plumed Horse was of course here too). It didn't take long for ex-Norn head chef Darren Murray to open this new venture in the same