World Buttery Championship


World Buttery Championship this weekend

The 16th of June is a big day for Rowie fans. North East Scotland College will be hosting the World Buttery Championship at their Aberdeen City Campus.

For anyone unfamiliar with butteries, or rowies, they are a crisp flakey bread roll made with lots of butter. They don’t rise much, but boy do they taste good. 

World buttery championship foodie explorers

Their origins go back to providing fishermen with high fat high energy eating, but over the years they have gained their place as a breakfast favourite in Aberdeen and the North East.

The finalists in this inaugural year are:

Finalists world buttery championship
Slow Food Aberdeen and Shire


Their tasty treats will be judged by:

Martin Gillespie – Slow Food Aberdeen City & Shire

Peter Baxter – NESCOL Aberdeen

Fee Stott – Facebook

Eileen Brown – WI

We will of course bring you the winners. But meanwhile, I’m off to share a buttery with Fred 🐾

Aberdeen buttery



old father foodie

old father foodie

Old Father Foodie spent over 20 years working as a chef in and around the Glasgow area. He watched the rise of Lambrusco, the demise of the steak house and still remembers life before Mcdonalds.

He then spent many years working on education projects in Europe. Still a keen cook, he has picked up the odd tip or two along the way and now enjoys sharing them on these pages.

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