Food review: TRUST 111 by Nico, Glasgow

Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu

Will you TRUST 111 by Nico?

111 by Nico is a firm favourite with the Foodie Explorer clan. Great food, great wine and great prices combine to create a great evening. So we were keen to know what their new menu concept, TRUST 111 by Nico, was like.


Food at TRUST 111 by Nico follows the tasting menu pattern with 5 courses coming in at £25.00. Nico’s new TRUST menu has taken that idea forward by offering a choice for each course.

It works like this, after an amuse bouche, twelve ingredients are listed across the remaining four courses. You simply choose what you fancy and TRUST the chef to cook it nicely for you. So not only do you get more choice, but each course is a surprise! Courses include a vegetarian choice, and there is also a vegetarian menu.

The menu ingredients change every month.  Each ingredient is cooked the same way for a month.
The ingredient choices mean there are several tasting menu combinations each month – so you can go back and have a different meal.

So let’s eat.

Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu
Menu, TRUST 111 by Nico



It was a warm evening and  a couple of aperitifs seemed appropriate. A 111 Fizz – Hibiscus and Rose Prosecco for my partner and V.V.S. for me – Edinburgh Gin, Rhubarb, Ginger and Lemon Thyme. A great accompaniment to menu deliberations.

Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu


Amuse Bouche

Our amuse bouche choices were Ajo Blanco or Mackerel.
Being fish fans we both plumped for the Mackerel. A substantial portion for an amuse bouche, but far from unwelcome. The Mackerel was lightly seared and served with cucumber, dill (and maybe mint) garnish. A tart gooseberry finished of this very tasty starter. The server talks you through each plate, but who remembers?! Working out the flavours is great fun.

Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu


Course 2

Next stop for was Tarbert Crab while my partner went for the House made Ricotta. The third choice was Scotch Lamb Belly.

The crab’s hidden secret was strawberry. It might sound odd, but it blended beautifully with the sweet white crab meat and contrasted with the crisp biscuit of salty brown meat. The wine pairing, a French Languedoc Rose was a great success further enhancing the strawberry flavour.

Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu

My partner’s house-made Ricotta featured a collection of tomatoes including green ones and even a smooth chutney. The wine pairing, an Italian Greco Di Tufo, had a slightly salty flavour which worked well with the ricotta and tomatoes. We were both very happy.

Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu

Course 3

Course three was Ayrshire Pork Jowl for me and 111 Smoked Salmon for my partner. The third choice was celeriac.

The Pork Jowl (cheek) had been cooked long and slow and was falling apart with juicy tenderness – it had everything a carnivore could ask for! Cauliflower, both roast and pureed complimented the meat, while a rich Australian Cabernet Sauvignon took the wine matching honours.

Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu

The 111 Smoked Salmon was light and summery and served on a slice of warm kohlrabi. Another surprise that worked very well. A tasty dressing and some dark fish eggs finished the dish. The matched French Cremant De Limoux was a tasty fizz that edged the course to delightful decadence.


Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu


Course 4

We decided on Organic Duck Egg and Hebridean Skate for our fourth course, though the Rabbit also looked tempting.

The duck egg had us guessing. In a cup? With soldiers? What we didn’t expect was a big ravioli. My partner dug in and was soon enthusing about runny egg and pasta…and following on the Italian theme, it was matched with a nice Valpolicella. Lovely.

Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu

Nico always does great fish, and the Hebridean Skate was no exception. Sweet gently cooked white fish. Crushed Jersey Royal potato and a nice collection of tasty greens. It was satisfying and happily matched with an Italian Vermentino Di Gallura.


Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu

Course 5

And so to the puddings. The choices here were Golden Peach, Lambrusco and Picos De Europa.

My partner went for the Golden Peach which she soon polished off along with its matching Italian Moscato D’asto Italy. Sweet Orangey and altogether peachy.

My ‘Picos’ took the form a nice wedge of blue cheese (at a nice temperature), some biscuit, sweet chutney and a small fresh orange juice that contrasted nicely with the strong cheese and the sweet Fine Italian Marsala wine. A good pud!


Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu


It’s still our favourite restaurant in Glasgow.👍😍


111 by Nico, 111 Cleveden Rd, Kelvinside, Glasgow G12 0JU


From 6th July.


TRUST will be priced at £25 per person and the 12 ingredients listed on each menu card will change on the 1st of every month.


Click here to book a table.

Trust 111 by Nico Glasgow tasting menu



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