Food review: Itihaas, Dalkeith, 17-19 Eskbank Road

Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

Does history repeat itself (in a good way)?

First, a little history. In early 2018 we visited The Radhuni, meaning ‘passionate cook’ in Loanhead, just south of Edinburgh, which is home to a passionate cook indeed – the best curry chef in Scotland (Scottish Curry Awards 2018). The meal was so good that we awarded them with our first ever award for best Indian restaurant, in December.

Inspired by that, we recently ventured eastwards again, just a little further east this time to dine at the Radhuni’s sister and longer-established restaurant, Itihaas in Dalkeith, which has been there since 2007 as opposed to 2011 for The Radhuni. Fittingly, ‘Itihaas’ is a hindi word meaning ‘history’ and they won the Restaurant of the year award at the Scottish Curry Awards in 2017.

Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

On our way there, we happened to mention to someone local that we were going to Itihaas. She had eaten there recently and was booked in again for another meal soon. She said it was one of two great restaurants for curries in Dalkeith but that Itihaas was the most welcoming of the two.

And so, we were greeted on arrival and taken through to the mirrored room at the back where there were four large tables separated from the main body of the restaurant. You could still hear the Indian background music and chatter from next door but at a reduced volume, and we were handier for the toilets.

Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

We ate from the A la carte menu, and out first came the poppadums with pickle, mango chutney and onion salad.
We think that’s nigella seeds in the chutney, which wasn’t the usual sweet dip and actually had more of a balsamic vinegar-like quality to it, which made it all the more appealing.


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Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

Itihaas Jingha (£7.95)

Prawns prepared to a special house recipe, the menu said that this was “a guaranteed feast for the eyes and taste buds” but the plastic thali plate did nothing to entice, with a meagre side salad and lots of empty space. Though, we are happy to report that the prawns were pretty juicy and coated in a thick, sweet fruity curry sauce. Better presentation and, if possible, butterflied charcoal-grilled prawns would make this an excellent dish.

Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

Chana on puri (£5.75)

More spicy, tangy sauce, just like the one that was served with the prawn dish. It’s a bit like tomato sauce mixed with HP fruity sauce, which is fine by me. Again the presentation was wanting as the puri was more of a paratha and not puffed like we expected but the filling held plenty of soft chick peas in that sweet fruity sauce.



Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

Ginger murgh (£9.95)

Described as a fairly hot chicken kebab dish cooked in a ginger sauce with lots of coriander, it didn’t quite have the level of ginger I was hoping for, however the coriander was certainly there.  It wasn’t that hot either, even Mrs Foodie (a fan of fragrant rather than hot curries) preferred this to her “milder” one.


Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

Garlic fish (£10.95)

We often order fish curries on the rare occasions when we spy it on Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant menus, and in Itihaas they have a few fish options. The Mrs plumped for the garlic fish, which was salmon coated in a smooth sauce with a surprise kick from behind. Again, coriander seemed to be the dominant flavour rather than the garlic so kissing was still on the menu for me later that night, perhaps (it wasn’t sadly, but not because of the food!).


Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

Alo gobi Massallam (£5.95)

Mrs Foodie’s favourite of spiced potatoes and cauliflower. Perfectly cooked cauliflower and potato with just the right level of spice and sauce.


Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

Ghee Batt (£4.50)

A basmati rice fried in purified butter with onions so having a bit more fat and taste than regular basmati rice.


Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant


£3.75 for fluffy, bready goodness.



Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant Heaven in a jar (£4.95)

Straight out the freezer but desserts have never been the strong point of curry houses. Plenty of chocolate ice cream with a solid ball of chocolate in the centre, housed in a clip top jar. Perfectly fine for what it was.


Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

Gulab Jamun with ice-cream (£3)

We’re not sure if this is a political statement but it looks like Donald Trump has an accident in the bathtub!
Good gulab jamun at just the right eating temperature, needs a little bit more syrup and either better quality ice cream or kulfi to make it perfect.



Although it’s the same owners, and much the same menu as the nearby Radhuni which we loved, it didn’t quite hit the same high notes despite having a history of awards behind it. It’s still a competent Bangladeshi & Indian restaurant, and overall we had an enjoyable meal with excellent service and we were full by the end but there’s room for improvement in a few areas. We would still come back and give it another go but I wonder if they can do something with the toilets as they were freezing! There’s also a ramp up to the sinks which may come as a surprise!



+ Warm welcoming service
+ Liking the mango chutney
+ Great aloo gobi
+ LOL @ Donald Trump as a gulab jamun man

– Starters could look better
– Dishes lacking their main flavour
– Cold toilets


Itihaas, 17-19 Eskbank Road, Dalkeith, EH22 1HD



0131 663 9800

Opening Hours

Lunch: 12:00-2:00pm
Dinner: 5:00-11:00pm
Sunday Banquet: 12:30-11:00pm

Itihaas Dalkeith Indian restaurant

Disclaimer: we received a complimentary meal but we did receive a bill so I don’t think our servers knew. We reckon this constitutes a fair review.

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