Drink: Dry January

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If you’re taking part in Dry January or simply looking to reduce your alcohol intake in 2019 then these next few drinks may be of interest.

Middle Way drinks

Made with kefir, traditionally a milk drink made with a yeast fermentation starter of kefir grains, Middle Way Drinks is made with water kefir.  Water kefir is a culture of bacteria and yeasts added to sugar water.  The bacteria and yeasts metabolize the sugar, turning it into a fermented drink (which is a lot easier to swallow than the sour tasting Kombucha!).  Once the yeast and bacteria have carried out their work, the kefir is filtered to stop fermentation.  This means that the drink does not contain alcohol.

middle way_duo

Flavours such as Sicilian lemon and apple and ginger give a refreshing taste to the kefir base but our favourite is cherry which tastes just like cherryade!

The Start-Up Drinks Lab drinks

Following 18 months of frustration at not being able to find an accessible manufacturer for their own drink brands, The Start-Up Drinks Lab began life in June of last year, launching three new small-batch craft soda and mixer brands which have been created in alongside Scottish bartenders.


Just The Tonic hasn’t used eccentric chemists, hasn’t foraged its botanicals and isn’t asking to be served with obscure garnishes. Instead, it focuses on being a clean, crisp tonic water that is proudly made in Scotland.

Sparklingly Sober

Sparklingly Sober is a non-alcoholic rosé wine made from Scottish water, rhubarb, elderflower and ginger spice.


Wee Davie Cola, is a new Scottish cola, made to take on the giants of the cola industry. Made in small batches, it’s blended with Scottish malt and vanilla so has been designed as the perfect mixer to dark rum.n




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