rocambolesc ice cream Girona

Food Review: Rocambolesc Gelateria, Girona

The best ice cream in the world? So there's a year wait to get into El Celler de Can Roca, currently ranked as the third best restaurant in the world but what do you do if you're in the area but can't get a reservation? Head towards Rocambolesc, which is a Willy Wonka-esque gelateria chain.

Black coconut malmaison limited edition ice cream

Black Coconut ice cream at Malmaison

Two new limited edition ice creams are on offer at all the Malmaison's hotels this summer and they sound right up my street. Black coconut or if that's too crazy Pina Colada. The black coconut colour comes from vegetable ash which creates activated charcoal, and is then mixed with coconut cream, topped with chocolate popping candy

Easy baked Alaska recipe

Recipe: Easy Baked Alaska

If there's anything remotely 1970's on a menu I'm in there. Be it prawn cocktail, Black Forest gateaux or even a snowball cocktail.  After our recent visit to Blythswood Square Hotel for Sunday Lunch I had to have a go at making this classic. I remember my dad successfully making this many years ago. What

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream 2

Recipe: Matcha Green Tea No Churn Ice Cream

No churn ice cream is the easiest thing to make You don't need an expensive ice cream maker to enjoy homemade ice cream, and let's face it homemade ice cream is a million times tastier than any tub you'll buy at the supermarket. With this recipe, you don't need to invest in an ice cream

Stewart tower dairy Stanley oerth Perthshire Gleneagles Neil Linsey butler

Producer: Stewart Tower Dairy, Stanley, Perthshire

As part of our visit to Gleneagles, we got the chance to visit one of their local suppliers, Stewart Tower Dairy. With the well known price squeezing for milk, farms like Stewart Tower Dairy have had to diversify. 70 lovely Holstein Fresian ladies provide the raw material for their home made ice cream, which is

Sugar Rush, St Andrews Road, Glasgow, G41 1PF

Sugar Rush is located in a strange no man's land between Darnley Street and St. Andrew's Road.  We passed by one day in the car and thought it looked intriguing, so had to pop in. Popular with the local community, the cafe was busy when we visited.  A large display of ice cream morphs into some