Food Review: Rocambolesc Gelateria, Girona

rocambolesc ice cream Girona

The best ice cream in the world?

So there’s a year wait to get into El Celler de Can Roca, currently ranked as the third best restaurant in the world but what do you do if you’re in the area but can’t get a reservation? Head towards Rocambolesc, which is a Willy Wonka-esque gelateria chain. There are now 4 in Spain but the original can be found in the centre of Girona. Rocamcolesco means something like ‘fantastic, far-fetched, outrageous, amazing’ and is the brainchild of the youngest of the 3 El Celler de Can Roca chefs, Jordi Roca.
rocambolesc ice cream Girona

As you can imagine the shop was busy. Gironans (is that a word?) love ice cream to begin with, add tourists and it can be very busy, but at least you don’t need a reservation!

Touches of Willy Wonka surround, chocolate bars and colourful pipework but no snozzberry flavoured ice cream.

rocambolesc ice cream Girona

rocambolesc ice cream Girona

In addition to the ice cream you can buy all sorts of other things, like a Rocambolesc mobile cover featuring your favourite creation from the shop!

rocambolesc ice cream Girona

There’s a large selection of ice cream tubs to go with flavours such as toasted bread and oil, asparagus and truffle oil, Parmesan or the more usual flavours of baked apple, chocolate or Baileys and coffee.

rocambolesc ice cream Girona

And sorbets too but not all fruity, violet and coconut sorbet anyone or carrot?!

rocambolesc ice cream Girona

At the counter the current flavours are listed (which may change as the day goes on). Traditional and experimental. You can pick three toppings or fruit on top of your chosen flavour, such a butter cookies.

rocambolesc ice cream Girona

We decided on trying the crazy ice lollies (popsicles) on our first visit.

Rocambolesc ice cream Girona spain
Mr Foodie picked the finger of Christopher Columbus made with chocolate, oil and salt whilst I had the lioness of Girona made with apple and bergamot.

rocambolesc ice cream Girona

Mr Foodie was happy with his haul.

rocambolesc ice cream Girona

Click for our review of the ice lollies.

But the lure of the ice cream won so we decided to head back later…

Rocambolesc ice cream Girona spain

Rocambolesc ice cream Girona spain

I went for coconut and violet with toppings of violet marshmallow, lime rocks and coconut.  Creamy coconut and a strong violet taste. I loved it.  Mr Foodie picked a ‘panet’, which is a type of bread roll. He had it filled with Cherry and lime sorbet, this had a strong cherry taste, but it was a bit weak on the lime.
Rocambolesc ice cream Girona spain

The panet is placed into the machine above, with ice cream inside, which is then toasted. Note the words “Oxymoron Maker” on the back of the machine! As a result, you end up with a soft bready sandwich filled with melting ice-cream.

Rocambolesc ice cream Girona spain

Rocambolesc is a wacky must-visit shop if you’re in the area, it’s also open very late like most of the gelaterias in town, and although it’s nowhere near as costly as a trip to El Celler De Can Roca it can still be quite pricey! Takeaway only and there are no toilets.


+ Lots of delicious flavours
+ Lots of toppings to make your ice cream even more delicious
+ Ice cream, ice lollies, sorbets and ice cream sandwiches available!
+ Open late
+ Good sense of humour. Would appeal to Charlie and the chocolate factory fans I’m sure!

– A bit expensive
– Some of the flavours don’t really come through


Rocambolesc, Carrer de Santa Clara 50, 17001, Girona

Opening Hours:

11am until 1am/1:30am



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