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We are Emma and Mark, two geeks who love to wander about, eating & drinking. We generally have our gadgets on hand to share the good (and sometimes bad) places we find.

Mark likes to travel and eat weird things (raw chicken, sheep brain, cheese & bacon flavoured crickets…) whereas Emma hearts carbs and sleeping.

We are aided by food connoisseurs Fred and Cleo.

Fred Cleo Glasgow foodie food blog
Fred and Cleo tired by all that eating.

The site grew out of our love of discovering new places to go to and of letting others find these places too.

If you would like to contact us, please email: Contact@foodanddrinkglasgow.co.uk or tweet us at @FoodieExplore

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  1. Hi there! I was just wondering if you could tell me how to get tickets for Pastaval in Glasgow? Thanks Louise
    1. Tickets will get on sale on Monday 1st May available from http://www.foodieexplorers.co.uk please keep checking the site!
  2. Hi, are tickets available yet? Thanks Natalie
    1. Hello, Tickets are on sale here -> https://billetto.co.uk/e/mcintosh-pastaval-tickets-193937 Thank you!

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