The home of Stracciatella ice cream

la marianna bergamo

Stracciatella Ice Cream from Bergamo

Did you know that Stracciatella ice cream originates from Bergamo? We visited La Marianna in the beautuful old city (città alta) of Bergamo to try some.

la marianna bergamo

What is Stracciatella made of?

You will see hints of the origin of this ice cream flavour hanging on the wall. Chocolate egg moulds. The creamy ice cream is enriched with crunchy shavings of dark chocolate.

la marianna bergamo stracciatella ice cream

Who Invented Stracciatella Ice Cream?

Legend has it that stracciatella ice cream was invented by Enrico Panattoni in 1961.

In his café La Marianna, Bergamo, Enrico added melted chocolate to ice cream that solidifies and then shattered. The chocolate is said to be reminiscent of the egg in Roman stracciatella.

According to the company website, today the ice cream is made using 58% Lindt dark chocolate.

Where to Taste Stracciatella in Bergamo

We tried it at its place of origin at La Marianna. You can also find it in Carmen Gelato, on via Bartolomeo Colleoni in the old town.

Menu at La Marianna, Bergamo

We picked the Stracciatella Trip to share, it is a portion of creamy sugariness of size even for us, or was that my order of Sfizio (espresso and ice cream of which I had to pick cherry)?! Mark ordered a cafe bergamasco, an espresso with liqueur and pepper.  Needed to warm us up.

Visit La Marianna at largo colle aperto, Bergamo




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