Thorntonhall Ice Cream Reviewed

We are becoming regulars to the farmers market at Clarkston and each time like to try a different ice cream from Thorntonhall Ice Cream.

This time we bought Rum and Raisins and Tablet in the small tubs and Lemon Curd in a big tub.  I love the little tubs for being able to sneak into areas of the freezer as little treats :).

Unfortunately after a good wander around Clarkston, as well as lunch, the little tubs were a little bit gooey so we had to eat them now 😉


Very impressed with the amount of lumps in both tubs, the raisins were plump and juicy with a dose of rum to keep those tastebuds happy.  My favourite however is the tablet. WOW is all I can say. Delicious tablet – smooth and not grainy or overcooked like some.   Just melt in your mouth sugar.  Combined with the creamy ice cream I was in heaven.

Someone else in the house liked them too!


The lemon curd again light, creamy and not too overpowering.  It tasted just like home made curd.

There are lots of flavours as well as ice cream cakes available, more information on their Facebook Page or Website.


p.s have just been told the tablet is homemade and the rum is Dermerera Rum so no half measures here!

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  1. 28/10/2012 / 6:54 pm
    Mmmmmmm, they all sound wonderful. I was going to say I would love to try the tablet ice cream, but actually I would love to try them all :)
  2. 28/10/2012 / 7:18 pm
    We've just polished of some Madacasan Vanilla that we got yesterday at the Clarkston Farmers market. Every flavour we've had before has been fantastic!
  3. Neil
    03/02/2014 / 7:49 pm
    Tried the Madagascar Vanilla, Honeycomb and Tablet flavour ice creams today - found them all too sweet and wasn't keen on the sticky, gummy texture which is probably a result of the Locust Bean Gum listed in the ingredients. Why do the makers have to use this gloopy stabiliser? Haagen Dazs only use milk, cream, eggs and sugar and they still make the best ice cream.

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