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Speccy Travelling

The problem with being a spectacle wearer is that you don’t always have your prescription sunglasses with you, or should I say the ones that you want to pose with!  I also prefer to wear my contact lenses at times like this to be able to see more.  Seems a bit strange but I feel that I’m in a bit of a bubble when wearing my specs which is useless when travelling when you want to see the sights and make sure that instagram of your lunch is perfect!

No doubt there is always something I forget. Did I pack enough suncream? Did I bring enough contacts? More often than not I have to ration out their wear due to forgetting to pack enough, or even lift them. Thankfully the guys at Vision Direct have that sorted!.

gizmo vision direct contacts

Their gorgeous pug Gizmo is off on his holidays to Malaga and shows us that just because his owner Emma (must be something about that name to be forgetful!) has forgotten her lenses doesn’t mean she has to do without them – they deliver to Europe and you can order online whilst there which is very handy indeed!

Here is the hunky Gizmo showing how easy it is to get your contacts abroad and you’ll fall in love with Gizmo as he sorts out your fast European delivery!

Be like Gizmo, romancing and getting your contacts ordered and delivered in 2-3 days whilst on holiday.

gizmo vision direct contacts

Many thanks to Vision Direct for letting us know about this, and to Fred for understanding that Gizmo is a holiday fling 😉

fred purr of honour

This is a sponsored post with Vision Direct, but all opinions are my own.

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