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Harry Hedgehog Cafe and Pet Shop

Going to a cat cafe is one of the things I had always wanted to do in Japan.  But now those pesky Japanese upped their game with hedgehog cafes! Called Harry after the Japanese for hedgehog, Harinezumi, the cafe is a sought after destination for those seeking some kawaii.

Getting to Harry’s Hedgehog Cafe

If you can find your way to Harry’s Hedgehog Cafe you are in for a cute time.. It is located in the Roppongi district of Tokyo which is noted for its entertainment and liveliness.  Come out of the South West exit of Roppongi Station and then cross Roppongi Dori.  Turn at Hotel Arca Torre and continue until you reach Harry Hedgehog Cafe.

Hedgehog_Cafe_Japan OUtside

What you will see

There was a small queue when we arrived.  We had chanced not booking and after about a 20 minutes were sent up stairs to the second floor cafe.  The first floor cafe is purely for hedgehogs, but was fully booked.  The second floor cafe contains hedgehogs and bunnys.

Hedgehog_Cafe_Japan Entrance

Inside the cafe it smells clean, not like the pet shop smell I was expecting. Phew! or not phew as it seems! Rows of cadges line the one side with signs showing which hedgehogs are on rest time and which ones you can pet.


I’m not a hedgehog expert but they looked quite happy to me.  Snoozing away, cuddling and pottering about their cages.


Another couple in for some cuddles.


We signed our consent forms and paid our money. It’s about 1000 yen for 1/2 hour during the week with the cost more at weekends and holidays.

Hedgehog_Cafe_Japan HEdgehog1

Our little spikey chap.  He was very inquisitive and friendly, wandering around trying to bury into my jacket and climb up my arms.  He didn’t seem to like a belly rub and I soon found out those little spikes are indeed spikey.  They are very soft to touch, nail like when stroked but when the are set to optimum protection level they are barbs.


Our time included for one rabbit each for cuddling.  This guy was chilled and snuggly, whereas the second chap was very bitey and grouchy – but then all people are different too, so maybe he was just a grinch.Hedgehog_Cafe_Japan_bunny

Overall, it was a fun afternoon.  We got close up with a hedgehog (and unlike the ones at home in nature not covered in fleas!)  who was a friendly little chap.  It definitely de-stressed us and I can see why these cafe’s are popular in such a high octane city like Tokyo.


2F, IWAHORI Building, Roppongi 6-7-2, Minato-ku,  Tokyo

Opening Hours:

12:00 – 21:00


Roppongi Station (Hibiya Line Exit No. 3)

Ms.BUNNY (ミスバニー)



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