Restaurant Review: TriBeCa, 144 Park Road, Glasgow, G4 9HB

TriBeCa woodlands Waffles


TriBeCa woodlands Waffles

Celebrating American Independence Day at TriBeCa

My girl and I popped along for the wonderful NYC flavourfest that is TriBeca Woodlands (144 Park Rd) on the 4th of July!

Location choices galore now with TriBeca and the owning group….with Ushas, Smoak and the new World Buffet and soft play in Wishaw!

The decor and menus are packed with NYC pics and references and having recently been in NYC, I can say the portion sizes are USA level. Wooft. You’ll be hard pushed to find yourself hungry after a meal here!

TriBeCa woodlands Steak burgerI opted for a burger …. choices are plentiful….steak, lamb & chilli, chicken, falafel etc. You have a choice of bun (brioche for me!), toppings and sauce. I had the steak topped with bacon, crispy red onion and BBQ sauce. The burger meat has a super low fat content so is full of meaty goodness and flavour! Sides of onion rings and cajun fries are just the perfect accompanyment.

TriBeCa woodlands Waffles

My young un (junior reporter) had eyes wide for pancakes and waffles……so she had both! HUGE but fluffy milk pancakes and waffles with a selection of toppings…..strawberries, Nutella and vanilla ice cream. I have to say I was glad the portion was so big as it meant I had the chance to ‘help’ her finish them.

TriBeCa woodlands Orange juice

TriBeca have a wonderful cocktail menu and a load of US beers on offer…sadly as I was driving I couldn’t sample them this time. Next time!!

A selection of desserts were also not sampled on this occasion…..I could have cried as they looked so good….but alas, I was too full!

Main Menu and Kids Menu.


A special touch on the way out is a bundle of jelly beans ….. much more fun than a mint! 🙂

TriBeca is not the cheapest around….but flavour, style and portion size dictate that it needn’t be.

And brill news too… can get TriBeca on Deliveroo!


Location: 144 Park Road, Woodlands, Glasgow, G4 9HB


First Bus: 4, 4A and 15

Underground – Kelvinbridge


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