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Bread_Meats_Bread_WindowHandy location for “Bread Meats Bread” at the corner of Hope Street and St Vincent Street, but for a place called so called, and with a selection of (fake?) bread in the window none of us got offered a choice of bread.

  Bread_Meats_Bread_meal   Bread_meats_Bread_Chips

We tried the normal chips (£2) and Sweet Potato Chips (£2), both were fab.  Proper home made chips.  Very tasty.


Coleslaw (£1.50) was a bit disappointing, pretty dry and no oomph.


Pretzel bun, ok hot dog – was the verdict from Mr Beer £5 New York  Hot Dog.


Beef Cheesesteak on white £7. Again Ok, nothing woohoo about it. More steak/cheese i think and something else needed.


Pastrami Burger £7.  Mr Foodie had this one, OK again.  Did the job.  Big chunks of tough chewy pastrami and the burger wasn’t “ooh a posh burger”.

Slippy stairs to toilets, clean but a bit too bijou and the hand dryer takes a long time to dry your hands!

Not a large selection of drinks – no diet irn bru (eek!).

On street corner near to Central Station so it will do well.  Better than chain burgers but not massively impressed so it needs to be a bit better to beat the others. Total cost £24.50 for three.

TL:DR – OK, Burger Meats Bun has a much better burger.

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