New brewskis at Grunting Growler

Grunting growler new beers glasgow

FACT: there has never been a more exciting week at Grunting Growler, than right now!

If you don’t believe in the beer goods, then you’ve never seen a line up like this!

First, let’s start off with the most anticipated, and maybe the highlight of the year?!

YELLOW BELLY! It’s an 11% Imperial Stout brewed with aromas of peanuts and biscuit, brewed in collaboration between Buxton and Omnipollo. The kicker with this is that there isn’t any peanuts, or biscuits in the brewing process– the brewers are just absolute geniuses, and managed to squeeze a whole lotta flavour in this bottle of beer! There is a limit of 2 per customer and it’s guaranteed to go fast!

Grunting growler new beers glasgow

Next up is everyone’s favourite brewery, Beavertown. These London boys have teamed up with local coffee roasters, Caravan, to brew an Imperial Espresso Stout that goes by the name, SPRESSO! This bad boy is 9.5% ABV, and let’s face it– have you ever had a bad beer from Beavertown?

Grunting growler new beers glasgow

One of our favourite breweries recently who have been banging out nothing but awesomeness is Northern Monk. And their latest beer is nothing less than great too. Let’s see if we can say this in one breath– (gasp!) Imperial Whisky Smoked Honey Porter!

I’m sure that’s enough to get you excited, right?!

Grunting growler new beers glasgow

I know all this beery greatness is a lot to take in, but there is more!

How does a Raspberry Imperial Stout sound to you? I know– awesome! And we’ve got one in stock.

Another collaboration brew between Thornbridge and St:Eriks.

Grunting growler new beers glasgow

There’s a whole lot more in stock as well, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with all things great.

Stay tuned for more updates, or check out our social media for good banter and awesome beer.

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