New Opening: Pizza Punks, 90 St Vincent Street, Glasgow

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening Pizza Punks opens on St Vincent Street

After what seems like ages, Pizza Punks has finally opened!  We popped in for a peek…and a pizza and here’s what we found…

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

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It’s all very Brewdog – that post-industrial wilderness look with quite a bit of neon lighting, differing seating arrangements and a few geeky objects (hidden in plain sight) on the shelves. It’s also deceptively large – there’s a huge section at the back housing another pizza oven!

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

This is the pizza oven at the front, watch as the men prepare wondrously topped pizzas in front of you.

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening


First up, drinks order.

drink-menu-2 pizza punks glasgow


drink-menu-1 pizza punks glasgow

We ventured for a couple of Drygate beers – Orinoco Breakfast Stout and Disco Forklift Truck.

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

main menu pizza punks glasgow
main menu

Starting with a Fig, burrata and honey bruschetta for £5.50.  Plump and juicy figs, moist and chewy cheese topped with sweet honey. Delish!

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

Looking over the 40, yes 40(!) toppings Mrs Foodie was in heaven – mac and cheese topping!  To that she added some Ayrshire Bacon and smoked scarmoza cheese….mmmmm.

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

Mr C went for Tuscan sausage, jalapeños and Gorgonzola cheese.  Sweet Gorgonzola created a gooey base for the spicy jalapeño and herby Tuscan sausage.

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening


Pizza punks Glasgow new opening


Could we spare some space for dessert? Of course we could! The main attraction is actually more pizza – but sweet not savoury.

dessert-menu pizza punks glasgow

Mrs Foodie continued ruining her new regime with an Espresso Martini – very Tia Maria like in taste and not bitter at all like some can be.

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

Mr Foodie indulged his cocktail love with a walnut and vanilla Manhattan, it was that good that Mrs Foodie stole it, and his cherries!

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

On the other side of the table, Mr C embraced his inner child with Pizza Punk’s take on a strawberry cheesecake milkshake.  He was a happy chappy with his jelly babies, and lots of sugar.

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

Plum and cinnamon crumble pizza with vanilla ice-cream.  By this point of the night Mr Foodie’s belly had given up and he had to take it away in a box (Still good the next day like every good pizza should)

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

Mrs Foodie went for a Nutella, banana and ice-cream pizza…what to say apart from gooey Nutella! always a winner.

Pizza punks Glasgow new opening

kids menu

kids-menu pizza punks glasgow

breakfast menu

breakfast-menu pizza pinks glasgow


Overall, we had a ball and loved the place.  It’s a very different pizza to Paesano, so I think there is space for both of them.  Pizza Punks is the kind of place you can linger over a few dishes, a few beers and enjoy the music.




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