Home made – Fait Maison – sign in French restaurants

Home made Fait Maison France sign

Sign of the times for home made food – Fait Maison- in France


Like elsewhere in the world, French restaurants are under pressure to keep costs down, increase covers and generally wander into the murky world of pre-prepared food.  A new logo has been unveiled to highlight when a dish or restaurant produces home made food.

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New Fait Maison sign


However, what is home made?

Decree and Order, which come into force today, Tuesday, July 15, 2014,  “gross proceeds” and methods of implementation of the term “homemade”.
According to the decree, “a crude product (…) is a food product that has not undergone any significant changes including heating, pickling, assembly or a combination of these methods.”

The text goes on to define two sets of exceptions:

May enter into the composition of a dish homemade products which have been approved by professional while having already been “peeled, except potatoes, peeled, sliced, cut, cut, chopped, cleaned , boned, skinned, peeled, cut, milled or ground “or” smoked, salted, chilled, frozen “or” vacuum packed. ”
In the composition of a home cooked meal can also enter “cured meats, fish curing and charcuterie, with the exception of terrines and pâtés, cheeses, edible fats, cream and milk, bread, flour and biscuits, vegetables and dried and candied fruits, pasta and cereals “but also” raw sauerkraut and bleached offal, yeast, sugar and gelatin, condiments, spices, herbs, concentrates, chocolate, coffee, teas, teas and infusions, syrups, wines, spirits and liqueurs, as well as raw puff pastry.”

Is this right?
Surely fresh ingredients should be encouraged?
Does this sign give false hope? Or encourage more home made food?
Keep an eye out for the signs on your holidays.

Home made Fait Maison France sign
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