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Heverlee and The Roving Fromagiere

An invitation for a night of beer and cheese tasting – our two most favouritest things – this could not be missed.

Heverlee beer partnered up with the wonderous Phoebe aka The Roving Fromagiere in the West End joint Dram!

The Beer

Heverlee is similar in style to Stella, brewed in the same area (by Brouwerij Martens we believe) and imported to Scotland.  It’s a light, crisp,  pils style lager so has that metallic undertone.   Best drunk fresh and cold, ideal as a thirst quencher or a summer day.

The Cheese

We love Phoebe.  She is extremely passionate about her love of cheese and is almost childlike in her persuasiveness.

There were five cheeses on offer for us to explore.

Heverlee phoebe weller roving from age cheese beer tasting

Each cheese was sniffed, mangled, crushed and eaten, both It’s own and with the Heverlee.  An array of tastes and much note taking on our table.

Heverlee phoebe weller roving from age cheese beer tasting
Cheese debate

Our cheese selection was:

Comte – a solid cheese with a nutty taste.  Went well with the beer.  A popular choice in France.

Ragstone – Goats milk cheese.  This is the second time that Phoebe has twisted Mrs Foodies arm into trying a cheese she normally hates – it went down that well some was purchased for Christmas snacking!  Creamy and less acidic/ammonia smelling than your average Goats Cheese.

Cashel Blue – Irish made blue cheese all the way from Tipperary.  You can see the injection points for the blueing. /cheese geek

Heverlee phoebe weller roving from age cheese beer tasting
Cheese injection points

A creamy but firm cheese.  Worked well with Heverlee.

Heverlee phoebe weller roving from age cheese beer tasting
Cashel Blue

Irish Buffalo Halloumi – soft, oily and springy in a more mozzarella cheese than Halloumi cheese way but with still that squeak.  Creamy, milky taste as well.  Devoured before attempting with beer – oops!

Ossau-iraty  Country of originFrance Region, town Northern Basque Country Source of milkEwe Pasteurized No[1] TextureMedium firm Aging time80 or 120 days minimum, by weight[2] CertificationAOC 1980, PDO Ossau-iraty is a French cheese made from sheep milk.  Contents Origin AOC status Production Description See also References
Notepad at the ready
Ossau-Iraty – another ideal beer cheese.  This sheep milk cheese is firm, smooth and creamy to fight against the acidity of the beer.

It was an enlightening night, we always think of cheese and wine, not cheese and beer.  So be brave, head to the cheesemonster and get some pieces, pull those beers out and get tasting.

Failing that Phoebe can be found on Facebook

More information on Heverlee can be found here.

A special mention for Shug the Stag who looked stunning in his baubles.

Cheese and beer tasting heverlee dram  Glasgow



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