Rosso Valentian Vermouth

Valentian Scottish vermouth

V for Valentian Vermouth

Vermouth is a drink that we think is sadly obscure, aside from a handful of cocktail bars in Glasgow and Edinburgh you’re unlikely to ever find more than one or two varieties available in a typical bar or restaurant and yet it fits so many situations – next to a cosy fire in winter or on the beach in summer, and it can be drunk on the rocks, with tonic water or in cocktails.

Our Vermouth collection at home has been expanding for some time, from a selection of Martini to bottles we’ve brought back from holiday in Spain and it now includes a Scottish Vermouth.

Valentian Vermouth was developed by David and Dominic Tait, brothers and co-founders of Valentian Vermouth based in St. Boswells in the Scottish Borders.

Valentian Vermouth blends the flavours of Scotland and Italy by using Scottish new-made malt spirit, small-batch Italian wine and botanicals.

Where does the name come from?

The vermouth is named after the old Roman province of Valentia which lay between the two great walls in the North of England and Central Scotland.

Valentian Scottish vermouth

Future plans

Plans are afoot to create a venue as well as an expansion on their range to include dry (secco) and semi-dry (bianco) expressions.

What does Valentian Vermouth taste like?

Valentian Rosso is full of rich aromas of bergamot, red summer fruits and malt barley. Once sipped you will taste a balance of bitter and sweet herbaceous notes.

Botanicals include rhubarb, sage, laurel, gentian root, liquorice root, ginger, sweet and bitter orange, three varieties of wormwood, cinnamon and bergamot.

How to serve Valentian Vermouth

We found this vermouth delicious on its own over ice or with tonic, and it was wonderful in cocktails too, especially a Negroni.


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Where to buy Valentian Vermouth

If you’re a vermouth fan already and are keen to try this Scottish take on the drink then you buy online via the Valentian Vermouth shop.

Saluti and Slainte!


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