Nude – Contemporary Jewellery from London

Nude jewellery contemporary London

Last night it took me an hour to get home after being frozen with the bitter wind and on auto pilot, I got on the wrong train!

This called for a cuppa, couch and a little bit of online browsing whilst snuggling  with the kittehs.

One of my favourite places to wander onto is Nude Jewellery, handmade jewellery London, we featured them last year here.

With valentines day here far too soon for men, and it’s sale time as well, so another reason to have peek, some hints for Mr a Foodie as well.

Nude jewellery contemporary London
Smokey Quartz Silver Bracelet

Smokey Quartz Silver bracelet is in the sale £88.

Nude jewellery contemporary London
Raspberry Flatlinks

These reversible flat links would make an ideal valentine gift, and on sale too £44

Nude jewellery contemporary London
Teapot Pendant Silver

A perfect foodie find, Silver Teapot Pendant £31.20

Nude jewellery contemporary London
Glass Effect Cuff

If I had some gorgeous Amazonian limbs I’d buy this Glass Effect Cuff £125 .  The green is beautiful and makes me think of Art Deco vases.

Nude jewellery contemporary London
Slim Spot Nibbled Silver Ring

love the organic look f this ring, £120 Nibbled Silver Ring

Nude jewellery contemporary London
Double Flower Silver Necklace

This Double Flower Silver Necklace would set off any dress for dinner methinks.

I could go on!  I love the mix of contemporary jewellery as well as the handmade items.  Hope you like them too!

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Glasgow Foodie

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