Diet Sausages launched by Heck

image heck sausagesHole-y diet sausages from Heck

Healthier food choices are at the forefront of Heck,who have launched a new range of sausages.

On April 1st, Heck will launch a “Hole-y” sausage, that has 50% less calories and fat.

The team in the kitchen have developed a new process to drill out a hole n the centre of the sausage, reducing the overall calorie content. This will allow fans to either eat a lighter sausage, or fill the centre with a healthy salad of their choice.

The range will be available in all flavours and types of meat, including chicken and pork.

As Jamie Keeble, the 25 year old founder of Heck explains,

“We at Heck listen to our fans. We know they want to keep healthy while still enjoying our delicious sausages, especially with the spring coming! So we’ve come up with the perfect meal time solution. Then Hole-y Heck is similar to a Pizza Express Leggara and we are sure it will really catch on!”

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