Product review: McIntosh Mexicana Macaroni Pie

Say Aye Caramba to a Mexicana Macaroni Pie

How can something so simple be so good?  Gooey and cheesy macaroni baked into a crisp pie with a spicy little twist – this is where Scotland and Italy meet Mexico, creating a masterpiece of carby heaven. 😍

McIntosh Mexicana Macaroni Pie new product review

Greggs faced the wrath of Scotland when they stopped selling macaroni pies, but their loss is McIntosh’s gain.  McIntosh is Strathmore have just released a Mexicana cheese flavoured Macaroni Pie.  Would we ❤ this as much as the tray version?

What is it?

The Scottish macaroni pie consists of a pastry shell, filled with macaroni cheese, in this case McIntosh Mexicana Cheese Macaroni but this isn’t an overly spicy cheese sauce, just enough for a wee tingle. It’s also Vegetarian Society approved and there are no artificial colours.

McIntosh Mexicana Macaroni Pie new product review

How to cook it

The pies can be eaten cold but who wants that when you can have a hot pie!  The best way is to cook in a pre-heated oven 180*C/350*F/Gas Mark for 20 minutes, or until the pastry is crispy and the macaroni cheese inside will be baked and piping hot. You can also microwave the pies but this doesn’t bring out the best results as it won’t crisp the pastry properly.


We were impressed with the amount of pasta filling within the pie, there’s a good few layers of Mexicana Macaroni in there. Mmm…

McIntosh Mexicana Macaroni Pie new product review

The sauce isn’t ‘blow your head off’ spicy, there’s just enough to let you know it’s there with a little kick.

Thumbs up 👍 for McIntosh Macaroni and Mexicana cheese pies.  Comfort food which is quick and tasty.

The pies are available in Asda and retail at £1.25.

Disclaimer: we were sent some sample pies to review but they were so tasty that Mrs Foodie ate them both so poor Mr Foodie never even got a bite!




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