Product review: Dragonfly Tea Jasmine Dragon Pearls

dragonfly tea jasmine dragone pearls

On opening the tin of Dragonfly Tea Jasmine Dragon Pearls,  the scent of jasmine hits you – this is some good jasmine tea! A little goes a long way here, 2-3 grams per pot is all that is needed.

dragonfly tea jasmine dragone pearls

dragonfly tea jasmine dragone pearls

The tightly packed pearls arent the most photogenic, however once you add hot water they unravel and release their jasmine infusion.

dragonfly tea jasmine dragone pearls

The resulting tea was delicate-looking with a highly scented floral brew, perfect to waken the tastebuds.  The tea is ideal with chinese food, or just for a light afternoon drink on its own.

How Jasmine Tea is made:

Jasmine Tea is tea scented with aroma from jasmine blossoms to make a scented tea. Typically, jasmine tea has green tea as the base tea but it can also be found with white tea or black tea.

The sweet and extremely fragrant tea has a complicated method of construction, which reflects in the price. The base tea leaves are harvested in spring and stored until summer when the jasmine flowers bloom.

The flowers are then placed on alterntive layers with the tea to enable the scent to infuse the tea. After several days, the tea is then rolled into small pearls ready for drinking.

We go through a lot of tea so this probably won’t last long! It makes a lovely gift for lovers of delicate flowery teas and the 50g tin retails for £6 and you can buy it direct from their website here.

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