Rose and Grants, Trongate, Glasgow – Jan 2013


Is it worth £1.65 extra to sit in to eat your sandwich?  I’m not too convinced.  Nice sandwich and friendly staff but no wifi?!.  Laid out as if expectant of visiting laptoppers with lots of tables but no laptop friendly wifi or plugs to charge.

Inside was a bit too bright for me, not enough comfy seats either to sit and chat. However the pannini, coffee and cake were good.  A gripe with many places, why crisps on the side?  More salad would be good and less crisp action.

SONY DSC Brietastic – brie, bacon and cranberry, lovely but brie and cranberry on its own would be good too.  Flat white was creamy.


Caramel shortcake got the thumbs up, gooey and a good sized slice.


2013-01-25 12.44.46

Overall, I’d go in if stuck, not my first choice due to expense of sitting in, lack of comfy seats and no wifi.

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