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Over the past year this blog has grown arms and legs and become a central part of my life, mainly due to having M.E and finding something that fits in with the ups and down of this,  one thing that has become increasingly needed has been business cards.

Visiting events with other bloggers, networking with potential clients at conferences and shows has meant the need for a business card with contact details on them has become greater. Not having time to have in-depth conversations, or passing people quickly,  handing a card with contact details on them is a way to help them keep you in mind.

A Vistaprint.co.uk survey has shown that More than 38% of business owners have said some leads have come from giving out a business card up to six months later.

56% of people are more inclined to use a service from someone they have met face to face, and being able to keep a note of details, instead of relying on memory has helped me receive some good opportunities.

Vistaprint Business Cards

Vistaprint Cards


Having a business card has helped me break the ice in networking situations, as I’m not very good at small talk and find that just asking someone if they would like my card a starter to a conversation. Drumming up new business for anyone can be one of the least favourite parts of a business, but by having a business card at the ready, can save telling the same details over and over again, and can be kept for referral later.

I completed the design process online in around 15 minutes at the most, with the cards arriving around three days later.  Just what I was needing, no appointments to keep and completed in the middle of the night when I had the time to do it.












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