Review: Dragonfly Tea – Skinny Dragon Organic Pu’er Tea


Being tea lovers, and perpetual seekers of a magical cure for tubbyness, the title Skinny Dragon for this Dragonfly Organic Pu’er tea caught our eye.  We are partial to Chinese tea, but real green tea can sometimes be heavy on the stomach.



Pu’er tea is a variety of aged dark tea produced in Yunnan province, China and is produced by fermentation.  This fermentation gives the tea a strong flavour but yet is does not have a bitter taste.

Traditionally this tea is enjoyed at the end of a meal and is said to be an aid to digestion.  It is also said that Pu’er tea suppresses gains in body weight as well as cholesterol.


Preparation:  Pu’er tea is best served with water which is around 90 °C and left to steep for around a minute.  Do not worry about the dark colour, the tea should not be bitter, but have an earthy taste.  Its a bit like “British” tea but without that aftertaste from steeping your tea bag too long.  Will give this a try to see if we feel better after our dinners.




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  1. Is Skinny Dragon Tea the same as Good Dragon Tea? I bought some Skinny Dragon Tea and really liked it. I ordered some more and was sent Good Dragon Tea instead which I did not like as much. I complained and was told by the manufacturer it was just a new name and different packaging. Maybe it is my taste buds that are at fault?

    1. us foodie explorers

      Hi Penelope As far as I know it’s just a rebrand of the name. Must get some to try

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