Product Review: Deiss Pro Lemon Zester & Grater

Deiss zester and grater review

I’ve got one of those walls which seems to have every piece of kitchen gadgetry thats ever been made. Melon baller (cos I’m always balling my melons!), testers (cos I’m always zesting my lemons), strainers (cos I’m always…you get the idea). If it’s been made it’s probably hanging on my Ikea “tool” rack.

And I appear to have some kind of fixation for graters.  Big ones, small ones, boxed, you name it, I’ve got it. All rusting away on that rack!

Deiss recently asked us to take a look at their Pro Lemon Zester and Grater and with my love for all things grater I was up for it.

Deiss zester and grater review

The grater comes with a protective cover and a hole to hang your grater onto your tool rack.

The main things we grate are cheese, chocolate and citrus fruit zest.   So off I went, with Fred (our cat) sensing that there was cheese to be eaten not far behind.

Deiss zester and grater review

First up: chocolate.  It grated very easily and with a swish of a finger underneath to make sure all the gratings  were out.

Deiss zester and grater review

Next: a satsuma. I thought I’d try this as it’s not a solid as a lemon, so let’s see how the grater handles the softer skin.

Deiss zester and grater review

This is a sharp, sleek grater which will do any grating job quickly and efficiently.

Deiss zester and grater review

So cheese! A block of Emmental cheese, not a solid cheese for grating so a bit of a challenge, but it was easy to grate as you can see.

Deiss zester and grater review

Cleaning was easy too. A hot water rinse under the tap or kettle.  It’s dishwasher-proof as well.

Overall, we’re extremely impressed with the Deiss Grater. It’s easy to handle, store, clean, and the gratings were of a size ideal for grating cheese, ginger, nutmeg, chocolate, lemons and much more.  Downsides were that the grater is very sharp, which is also a plus of course but do watch your fingers (use protective cover when not in use)! Some gratings also accumulate in the underside of the blade and need to be scooped out with a finger (don’t worry, the underside is safe for fingers).

If you fancy one of these yourself then we have a 20% off code for using at Amazon (link below). Simply add code QIMAZGUD at the checkout. Note that this discount code expires on 3rd April 2017.

Disclaimer: We received a free Deiss grater to review. But it really is one of the better graters we’ve used. Fred concurs though he has asked us specifically not to grate his food because that would be stupid, and to make sure we use the protective cover when not in use because if anyone is dishing out scratches in this household it will be him!

fred purr of honour

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  1. Nicole Kitson
    25/11/2017 / 9:01 am
    Hi, I don’t think the promotional code for the grater is working?

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