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Cheese Posties toasted sandwich

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love a cheese toastie, I mean who can’t love fat and carbs all mixed together! Cheese and bread were certainly made for each other.

If you love cheese toasties you will love Cheese Posties!  Sign up online and get cheese toasties delivered to your house. Simple.

Cheese Posties toasted sandwich

I had seen these a while ago and meant to order them but forgot (Mind like a sieve me) A revamp of the brand meant that I came across these guys again and this time remembered to order. I’m glad I did.

My first package contained a salt caramel toastie kit.  Everything I would need to make a heavenly creamy toastie.  Cream cheese, caramel, salt, butter and, not to forget, bread.

Cheese Posties toasted sandwich


img_4527You can decide on frequency of delivery (is daily too much?!) and let them know your preferences (sweet/savoury or both).

It was time to try out the toastie.  I assembled the ingredients and followed the toastie instructions….

Look at this delicious specimen.

Cheese Posties toasted sandwich

Not only did it look good, it tasted good. The cream cheese and salty caramel turning into warm, sweet goo.

Cheese Posties toasted sandwich

You can  play Toast Trumps with your toastie cards. I’ll need to sign up Mr Foodie to play.


Cheese Posties toasted sandwich

I love this decadent and tasty idea, a treat from the usual bills through the door! This would make a great Christmas gift for the foodie in your life!

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