Cat Food Review: Gourmet Soup for cats

Gourmet cat soup Review

Posh kitty snacks

I’m a sucker for anything cat-related however even I had to stop and look twice at this new product: soup for cats!

Gourmet soup for cats classic pouches
Gourmet soup for cats classic pouches

They’ve gone too far this time with Gourmet Soup for cats. 90p for a 40g sachet, that works out at £2.25 per 100g!

As I said, I’m a sucker, so I bought two packets to try them with my fussy two.

Gourmet soup for cats classic pouch
Gourmet soup for cats classic pouch

Finely sliced chicken in a delicately refined broth.  Sounds far too good for them. But there’s more…

Gourmet soup for cats classic pouch
Gourmet soup for cats classic pouch

Flakes of chicken and fine vegetables in a delicately refined broth.  This is better than my  breakfast!

As soon as I opened a packet, two little bodies appeared, noses twitching.  Usually, it’s round and round the legs dance of “put it on the floor, now!” but this was head in the bowl as soon as I opened the pouch.  No patience here today. Fred (the black cat) was right in there.

Um, what's he got?
Um, what’s he got?

Cleo was a bit slower to stick the head in, the nose was twitching but she can be a bit dim at times and was “er, does he have something I don’t?”

In no time the bowls were clean.  Cleo making sure that both bowls were empty before leaving for a well-earned rest.  I’m sure if they had thumbs they would have turned around and given their breakfast the thumbs up.

I think the  Gourmet Soup is meant to be a supplement to dry foods, it certainly wasn’t a proper food portion for these two.

Gourmet cat soup review - empty bowls!
Bowls licked clean



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    Mrs Foodie aka Emma loves to snuggle with Fred and Cleo, sleep and read. Can be found with gin or a pint in hand.

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