Product Review: Square Pie

Square pie product review

It’s hip to be square

It’s the time of year for comfort food and what better to keep you warm and fill your belly than a pie (or a handful of small ones!), I saw Square Pies in the freezer section of Waitrose (Sainsbury’s also sell them I think) and thought I’d gave them a try…

Square pie product review

Square pie product review

Square pie product review

Waitrose sell three of the Square Pie  ‘Proper Little Pies’ varieties – steak & ale plus Vegetarian Society approved chestnut mushroom and borlotti beans; and spinach, goats cheese and sweet potato.  They all sounded good, so one of each went in the basket to try!

Square pie product review
From left to right: steak & ale, chestnut mushroom & borlotti bean and spinach, goats cheese and sweet potato.


The steak and ale caught my eye, and yet after trying them all, this was the weakest of the three (Still tasty tho).  Good pastry and sauce however larger pieces of meat wouldn’t be missed!

Square pie product review The spinach, sweet potato and goats cheese pie had a goaty aroma which isn’t my most favourite of cheese but the earthiness of the cheese added some depth to the pie.  This would make a great canapé.

Square pie product review

Last, but not least, the chestnut mushroom and borlotti bean pie.  A mushroom crumble top full of umami goodness.  I’d love to try a full size pie of this.  But at this dinky size it also makes for a good canapé.

Overall a good tasty selection of pies.  Ideal snacking / parties / childrens’ lunchbox size.  We’re having friends over at the weekend so will be trying these out as party snacks!


+ flavoursome

+ tasty pastry

+ good kid size portion and adult trying to cut down without missing tasty food size.

– expensive, (£3.50) but you get what you pay for!

Find out more about Square Pie here.

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