Product Review: Henry Denny’s Fire and Smoke

Henry Denny's fire and smoke BBQ bacon medallions

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We are partial to a roll n’ bacon (and tattie scone!) around here but are find ourselves often dismayed with bacon that shrivels up and expels water all over the pan.

Anyway, whilst wandering around Morrisons we spied some bacon on their promo area at £2.  We’d never heard of Henry Denny’s Fire & Smoke so thought we’d give them a try.

Henry Denny's fire and smoke BBQ bacon medallions
First impression, a good chunk of bacon, well it should be it’s a medallion!  However the colour is a bit on the watery pink side (is that a hint of what’s up come?). For being “hand rubbed” and in a “smoked oven” it just looked like normal cured bacon to me.   Normal cured bacon with sauce.  That’ll be the sweet BBQ glaze.

So our first impressions are not good.  In the pan they go.
Henry Denny's fire and smoke BBQ bacon medallions

A bit wet looking but a perkier pink since the glaze has been shuffled around the meat.

Heat on and off we go cooking, Eugh, that white goo!  Water and lots of it in this bacon.  I should have weighed it to see how much we paid for gloop!

Henry Denny's fire and smoke BBQ bacon medallions
After a clean up of the goo, the bacon crisped a bit and ended up looking presentable.   The slices were thick enough for a good bacon roll.  Fred had a sniff and walked off, unimpressed.  Mr Foodie said that he thought it tasted like a  fake smokey taste and overly sweet.
Henry Denny's fire and smoke BBQ bacon medallions
We had a rummage online and found the Henry Denny’s Grill Fire & Smoke website to be useless in telling you anything about the company but there are lots of recipes.  Click on their About Us for the most non-informative page ever!  From what we could find out they are a spin-off from Denny who make sausages, bacon and cooked meats which is part of Kerry Foods who also own Richmonds and Mattesons.

Still hunting for decent tasting supermarket bacon…




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