Review : Yes Bar (Vespbar), Address: 14 Drury Street Glasgow, G2 5AA

Yes bar Vespbar Glasgow drury street

It was time for some lunch with the Colonel and seeing as it was post referendum week, and being all topical we chose Yes Bar.

Drury Street is a bit of a strange place, I’m always expecting horse n carts to come trundling along.


Yes bar Vespbar Glasgow drury street



The splash of colour of their sign certainly livened up what is a bit of a dirty street. (Imagine it pedestrianised and with tables and stuff!!)




Getting there early (11.56)it was a bit of a palaver by staff to get in, door open “we aren’t open yet” then two mins later open.  As I went to say I had a booking was met with. “I can’t serve you alcohol for two minutes”, well that’s OK I said as I’m in for lunch and would like my table.  Welcoming!

Yes bar Vespbar Glasgow drury street

We had the pick of the tables upstairs so picked one and settled down to check out the menu.


Love the Andy Stewart backing to this menu!


Our order was taken quickly and we settled down for a chat.

Yes bar Vespbar Glasgow drury street


Really like the look inside, Formica tables, with bright lighting and a huge disco ball – perfect for slinging your handbag under on a Friday night with your Prosecco.


Yes bar Vespbar Glasgow drury street







Margherita pizza Yes bar Vespbar Glasgow drury street
Margherita Pizza


It seemed hardly any time before the order came, huge pizzas.







I had signed up to their mailing list so qualified for a free Margherita Pizza!

Thin pizza base with a good amount of cheese/sauce ratio.  No soggy base here, crisp outside and cooked middle.

Yes bar Vespbar Glasgow drury street
New Yorker Pizza

Colonel Mustard went for a New Yorker – pepperoni, ham, salami, chicken and Parma Ham.

More like ham pepperoni, italian sausage, chicken and mozzarella.

Again another good pizza.  Good amount of toppings and very tasty.




The pizzas were good basic pizzas and even better with a freebie!

Getting the attention of staff once  we had finished took a bit longer than expected (especially as the place was empty) however quick service when we eventually got her to stop playing with her hair and the manager off  the internet.

Total. £13.80 inc two soft drinks. Ok for a quick lunch.

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  1. T Strachan
    06/08/2015 / 1:18 am
    had good night food was realy nice

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