Munros, Glasgow – Cask and Craft Beer Bar, 185 Great Western Road, Glasgow

Outside Munros Glasgow craft cask beer bar

Munros in Glasgow’s West end is a complete transformation from it’s old guise of The Captain’s Rest, mainly due to windows.  It’s amazing what a difference windows make.  But that’s not all.  Comfy seating, a wide range of beers as well as wines, spirits and food make this a to-go to place.

The first hard decision was what to drink, when I visited on tap were  Shiehallion, Deuchars, Kernel -table beer, Honey Brown, Diablo, Empire Brewery – Strikes Back, Fire Bellied Toad as well as Cirrus Minor Cider.  If you can’t decide on one, or fancy a variety, beer flights are available from £3.50 for three 1/3 pints.  A full menu of drinks on offer can be found HERE.


bar area munros glasgow cask and craft beer bar

I settled down with my pint to check out the food menu.  Food ranges from soup to buckets of chips to sharing platters to Schiehallion battered fish and chips.  A wide range of food.  By this time my fellow drinking/dinning partners had arrived and we ordered some food.

seating area munros glasgow craft and cask bar

A beer bite bucket of Whitebait with lime and tartare sauce £4, beer bite bucket of chilli and parmesan chips £3.50, Farmhouse Platter (Gala pork pie, Brussels pate, chilli cheddar, house slaw, stuffed peppadews, balsamic onion chutney and bread) £11 and an Italian Meat Platter (stuffed pepperdews, sunblush tomato & mozzarella, oil and balsamic dip and bread) £12 were ordered.

Farmhouse Platter Whitebait and Italian Meat Platter Munros Glasgow

The whitebait were crisp, tasty and plentiful, chilli chips with kick.  Both the Farmhouse and Italian meat platters drew many a mmm, mostly due to the quality of the meat pie, house slaw as well as the meats.  The ingredients were fresh and well thought out.

Drinks Menu Munros Glasgow Craft and Cask Beer Bar

We struggled to finish the food and with the strong beer and the cosy fireside chairs were ready to settle back for the afternoon.  I’m sure the staff would have thrown over a pillow if they could.  Overall friendly service, great beer and food, one for the list of nip into when in the West End.


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  1. Pub drinker
    03/07/2013 / 2:08 pm
    This place is overpriced and poofy.I preferred it when it was the captains leg
  2. Pub drinker
    03/07/2013 / 2:11 pm
    Better going to wintergills across the road

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