Guy’s, 24 Candleriggs, Glasgow

We visited here in January this year and had a lovely, if very slow meal.  So we looked forward to going again.

Steak tartare, raw Angus beef fillet hand minced, raw egg yolk, seasonings & thin chips – £13.75

Pan-fried foie gras on toasted brioche – £12.50

Spaghetti, al dente: With Ragu, the rich meat sauce from Bologna made with minced veal & pork – £11.50

Brill with potatoes, hollandaise sauce and side salad £15.50

Bottle of Touchstone Rose – £15.75

One waitress for all the tables was an ominous sign.  Waited about 15mins before being asked if we wanted a drink whilst looking at the menu, thankfully we grabbed the waitress when she asked this to place our order or we’d probably still be there!  After ordering one waitress went off and two came on. Two waitresses and one bar man for approx 17 tables.

Cannot fault the food at all, except the spaghetti – last time we were there the spaghetti was beautiful – so fresh.  It may be fresh now but tasted just like supermarket bought pasta not as eggy as last time, so I was a little disappointed.  After two hours to get two course we waited for the dessert menu, and waited, and waited.  Eventually we gave up and grabbed someone to ask about getting our bill.  The head waitress (i presume) then came over and asked us to move to the bar as we were only to have the table for two hours – as if it was our fault that dinner took so long.  We then had to ask for our jackets.  “Sit here whilst you check your bill” when it was obvious we wanted to just leave.  Not very happy with this.  When we went to pay at the other end of the bar, partner was accosted by a diner looking to order – so obviously prompt service is not noted.

Three tables beside us became vacant but were not  cleared until we finished our meal, cluttered for at least 20mins whilst people waited at the bar.

Also the tables at the right hand side as you come in the door are very close together so you get to hear everything fellow dinners are saying and they cannot get out without placing their hands on your table!

Guy’s website makes a deal of how everything is freshly made “We prepare all our food just for you; a little patience may be required.”, which is great however  this should be factored into the time for tables, as well as checking that guests have a drink or need anything else.

The food is superb, however the service lets this place down – not even the owner checking if you enjoyed your meal helps.




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We have a wide range of judging experience covering products, hotels and have judged, for example, for Great Taste Awards and Scottish Baker of the Year.

Along the way Mark gained WSET Level 2 in Wine and I have WSET Level 2 in Spirits as well as picking up an award with The Scotsman Food and Drink Awards.    

Usually I can be found sleeping beside a cat.

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  1. Guy Cowan


    Sorry to read of your disappointment over the service you received during your recent visit to our restaurant. The night in question was exceptionally busy and was coupled with new staff ‘bedding in’. Please contact me directly, quoting the date and name of your original booking, in order that I may make amends. Delighted you enjoyed the food.



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