Food review: Hanoi Bike Shop, 8 Ruthven Lane, Glasgow


Our objective on the night was to find somewhere suitable for a first date for, and the Hanoi Bike Shop fitted the bill, it’s small and intimate but fun and a bit different and there’s no WIFI to distract you!

Hidden down Ruthven lane where the Stravaigin 2 used to be is the relatively new Hanoi Bike Shop, apparently Glasgow’s first Vietnamese restaurant (even though East Kilbride has had one for years!)

Hanoi Bike Shop Entrance   It was cold and wet outside… Hanoi Bike Shop Broken Bicycle but it was cosy and very busy inside.

hanoi bike shop cosy inside

hanoi bike shop kitchen

We haven’t been to Vietnam so can’t confirm the authenticity of the place but Mr Foodie has been to China and it wouldn’t look out of place there – dimly lit with plastic plates and as many stools crammed in as possible! A little basket with condiments (Sriracha hot sauce and vinegar?) and toothpicks (definitely something you have more chance of finding in Asia!) was delivered to our table. Hanoi Bike Shop Table Basket We were offered a bowl with 2 types of prawn cracker (£1.50) and with this our waiter recommended a peanut and chilli dip (£2). There were a few chopped chills on top but it wasn’t hot, it was a sticky sweet peanut sauce/dip, something which is common in hot-pot restaurants in north-eastern China.

The Hanoi bike shop sells 3 bottled beers from Vietnam, we ordered a Hanoi (£3.40) and a Hue (£3.70) to start. We don’t think we’d tried either before and both were pretty decent for Asian lagers. The Hue was a bit lighter and the Hanoi was a bit more gassy (burp!)

Hanoi Bike Shop prawn crackers and beer We were offered some chilli sauce which was certainly hot stuff and not for the faint-hearted. Mr Foodie insisted on trying some to show off.

Hanoi Bike Shop hot sauce The menu recommends 2 – 3 dishes for sharing, and the food comes out when ready, again similar to how things are done in many restaurants in China.

hanoi bike shop cockerel

First to arrive was… charcuterie platter (£4.95) with pickled lotus roots

hanoi bike shop vietnamese charcuterie

The pork and mushroom pâté was interesting and did go really well with the Vietnamese sausage, which was the first time we’d ever come across this – new flavours to try, and they were delicious!

Then the coconut pancake (£6.50)…

hanoi bike shop coconut prawn pork pancakeA very light pancake, like a crepe filled with beansprouts, prawns and pork.  It was fun trying to share this one as we ended up in a situation not dissimilar to the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp!

This was followed by mustard greens (£3.50), tender mustard plant leaves with pockets of fresh chopped garlic and cooked in lots of garlic by the taste of it. Luckily we both enjoyed the strong garlic-breath inducing flavour so perhaps a kiss after dinner was still on?

Hanoi Bike Shop Mustard GreensCoconut Pork (£8.50), really tender pork coked wtih coconut and served with a runny egg.  The sauce was delicious, it was creamy with a noticeable coconut taste and bits of broken pork swirling through it.

hanoi bike shop coconut braised pork shoulder

Lemongrass ice cream (£3.50)A very light tasting citrusy ice cream. A hint of lemongrass, good to cleanse the palate.

hanoi bike shop lemongrass ice cream

Orange and poppy seed cake (£5) Just like East European poppy seed cakes but with a dollup of coconut ice at the side to give it a twist.  Full of flavour and moist.

hanoi bike shop orange poppy seed cake

Thirsty from washing down all the dishes we ordered one final beer between us, this time a Saigon beer (£3.40). Another decent lager.

Saigon Beer

We finished with condensed coffee (£4.50) served authentically (we believe) in a Vietnamese coffee filter (they sell these in SeeWoo if anyone wants to but one) sitting on a glass filled with condensed milk. Just give it a few minutes to let all the coffee seep through.

The coffee was very very sweet, strong and tasty.  We were tempted to have more, if we knew we wouldn’t have a sugar coma after all the condensed milk.

Hanoi Bike Shop Vietnamese Coffee

Great service, cosy and intimate. The food was very tasty, well-seasoned and flavoursome. If you both like Asian food then the sharing plates are ideal for a first date if you’re looking for something a bit different.

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  1. carl@placetoeat

    This place sound really great, I love the Vietnamese prawn crackers, they are much better quality than the Chinese ones. Dipped in the hottest chilli paste you can get. Great blog, keep up the good work.

  2. David Craig

    I had heard about this place, and after reading your review, I REALLY WANT TO GO!

    Nice work 🙂

    1. admin

      Thank you 🙂
      We loved it and keep meaning to go back, perils of food blogger having to seek out new places all the time 🙁

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