Travel: Girona for Game of Thrones fans

Game of thrones Girona self guided tour

Geek out on Game of Thrones sight seeing in Girona

Girona is a beautiful city and an ideal destination for a short break in Europe.  If you are a Game of Thrones fan you should know about Girona.  The historic centre is extremely walkable and you can easily geek out at GoT sites from Braavos, Oldtown, and King’s Landing.

Read on for a self-guided tour of Game of Thrones filming locations in Girona.

Start your tour underneath the beautiful Sant Feliu Church.  It’s not in GoT (as far as I know!) but is worthy of a quick photo. Then walk up Carrer de la Barca which will lead you to Carrer del Bellaire, cross over and turn right onto Carrer del Riu Galligant.

1. Sant Pere Galligants (Oldtown)Game of thrones Girona self guided tour

The interior of the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants is the Maesters’ citadel.

2. Plaça del Jurats/Arya and theatre

Cross the bridge to Plaça del Jurats, an open space between the Monastery and Cathedral where the theatre scene that Arya watches was filmed.

Game of thrones Girona self guided tour

3.  Arya and The Waif

After exiting Plaça del Jurats, take the immediate left stairs to reach the Arabic Baths (Banya Arabes).

Game of thrones Girona self guided tour

Outside of the Arabic Baths is the street where the market scenes were filmed.

Walk down Carrer del Rei Ferran el Catòlic turning left onto Carrer de la Força towards Plaça de la Catedral.

4. Great Sept of Baelor

Pass under the large archway Jamie Lannister and his troops marched under. Wow at the steps (90 of them!) and walk up – or borrow a horse!

Game of thrones Girona self guided tour

At the top of the steps you can admire the view towards the Pyrenees but note the lack of ocean!

Game of thrones Girona self guided tour

The cathedral is worth a visit itself as it has the largest Gothic nave in the world. The ticket office is on the left-hand side of the cathedral and the €7 ticket allows you to visit Sant Feliu Church as well (access it by going back through the archway and turning left, the entrance is then on your right).

From the position above turn left and walk alongside the side of the cathedral heading under the small archway onto Carrer del Bisbe Josep Cartañà.

5. Arya’s training with the Waif

This takes you right behind the Cathedral. Here you will find the first scene of Season 6 with Arya, where she is begging and is approached by The Waif who begins fighting with her.

Game of thrones Girona self guided tour

Walk back down to the bottom of the cathedral steps. On your left, if your back is facing the cathedral, is Carrer de la Força.

6. Carrer Sant Llorec

Walk down Carrer de la Força keeping your eyes peeled for this archway on the left. This is one of the locations from the Arya and The Waif chase scene.

Game of thrones Girona self guided tour

Walk back down onto Carrer de la Forca and continue walking down this street.

7.  Pujada de Sant Domenec

And you will come to these steps, this is where Arya jumps and lands on the produce being sold in the market.  A gorgeous setting and an ideal end to the tour as there are plenty of bars and restaurants to rest in around here.

Game of thrones Girona self guided tour

Is there anywhere we’ve missed? Please let us know (Any excuse to go back to Girona)!

Game of thrones Girona self guided tour


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    Beautiful sights! I love GOT so this would have been an absolute treat.

    1. Glasgow Foodie

      You should go, great place to visit

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