Creme Egg Fondue at Brel, Glasgow

Brel Glasgow West End Creme Egg fondue

Gooey Creme Egg fondue at Brel this Easter

Yup, you read it right, Creme Egg fondue!

Oh boy gif memeSo what’s included? Melted chocolate, a few sliced Creme Eggs, marshmallow, sliced banana, strawberry halves, raspberries, waffle pieces, meringue nests and mini eggs. So it’s not all sugar…but is very very sweet!

Brel Glasgow West End Creme Egg fondue

Brel is located on the cobbled Ashton Lane just behind Hillhead underground on Byres Road, and as the Belgian name alludes to there’s a great selection of Belgian beer including the Trappist beer, Westvleteren XII at £20 a bottle (330ml, 10.3%) You may be thinking why would anyone pay £20 for a small bottle of beer? Well, this is one of the rarest, most sought after beers in the world which has been voted the best in the world. It can only be purchased direct from the monks, you physically need to pick them up yourself from the abbey in Belgium and there’s a limit on how many you can buy, it is also very very good, so that explains the high price tag!

Brel Glasgow West End Belgian BeerWe weren’t feeling quite so flush so ordered a dark sweet Delirium Nocturnum (330ml, 8.5%, £6.60) and a sour Boon Oude Gueze (330ml, 7.0%, £6.90) for contrast.

Brel Glasgow West End Creme Egg fondue


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But actually, rather than get smashed on strong Belgian ale we were here for the food, or rather fondue and here’s what happens every Tuesday…

Brel Glasgow West End fondue menu

But again we were here specifically to test drive the new fondue offering for Easter! In case you want to order anything else here’s the full menu. We only had the fondue as it’s a meal in itself!)
Brel Glasgow West End fondue menu

The fondue

Brel Glasgow West End Creme Egg fondue

Ta-da! One half of Creme Egg was already bathing in the chocolate jacuzzi and there was at least another 5 Creme Egg slices on the board. So 3 Creme Eggs in total. Along with the mound of other items for dipping into the chocolate sauce!

Brel Glasgow West End Creme Egg fondue

We also accidentally discovered how to make the nougat in a Mars bar…it seems that if you mix melted Creme Egg into melted chocolate you get the same flavour and consistency as the centre of a Mars Bar! Who’d have thought?!

Brel Glasgow West End Creme Egg fondue

The mini eggs make a nice addition for Easter but you can’t really dip them in the chocolate with the fondue forks as they need a bit of force and then crack! The meringue also needs to be dipped in while there’s lots of melted chocolate as once it begins to firm the meringue breaks easily.


Great fun for couples and families and a worthy Easter treat for your loved ones. It is a lot of chocolate, sugar and sweetness so go easy on treating yourself before you arrive! 😍

£18 for a chocolate Creme Egg feast for two.  Vouchers are only available from Itison. See link below…


+ Belgian beer (including a super elusive bottle!)
+ Date night fun
+ Family fun
+ Sugar heaven!

– Sugar hell!


Ashton Lane,
G12 8SJ


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Brel Glasgow West End Creme Egg fondue

Disclaimer: the kind folk at Brel/ItIsOn allowed us to indulge in fondue fun for free in exchange for an honest review

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