Cookie Cooks by Melanie McCallum and Domenico Del Priore


cookie cooks cookbook cover The excellent Cookie restaurant in Glasgow has brought together a collection of their favourite recipes that bind together Italy and Scotland.  Using various members of the family, Cookie Cooks meanders through a variety of dishes which are made using as much local produce as possible.

‘We run a barter system with local allotment gardeners, and often they will grow specific items for our chefs. We use local producers and source all of our products individually. We can tell you the story behind everything available in Cookie.’

Each member of the family bring their own style and tastes, Bruno (nonno) below is a child of the war and therefore thrifty, with a love of basic, good ingredients.  He introduces us to Courgette flowers, home made limoncello as well as Foccaccia.


Whereas Jacob is a modern child with a love for junk food, but Cookie shows us how to make pizza and burgers with more love and attention.

Cookie Cooks gives you the history behind the recipes as well as the members of the family, making it a joy to read, not just a cookbook.   With illustrations by Glasgow-based graffiti artist Conzo Throb.

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