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Bar Review – Imperial Bar, 6 Howard Street, Glasgow


The Imperial Bar is located in a much neglected corner of town.   With the decrepit ex Somerfield building on the corner looking extremely sad it’s easy to just by pass this.  Don’t you will miss this great wee pub.

The imperial bar pub glasgow
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The imperial bar pub glasgowIt’s a traditional looking pub from the outside and it is on the inside. Don’t worry visitors are welcome, but there’s no “craft beer” in here – its definitely “hauf n hauf” territory.






The imperial bar pub glasgowThe gantry at the bar is the main feature, beautifully carved wood and it dominates the room. Don’t miss the stained glass at the rear of the pub too – moved from the windows in their last renovation.



The imperial bar pub glasgow

A move from the “auld mans pub” sees a list of cocktails, £4 – an excellent price. Will have to return to try these. We stuck to Guinness and Three Hop which was on tap.

Tv’s with news, a puggy and some books to read surround the drinking booths.




The imperial bar pub glasgow
Whisky List
The imperial bar pub glasgow
Old Architectural Details

Toilets were clean and tidy. Staff friendly and helpful. Clientele chatty and friendly too. All that’s missing here is a pie machine and it would be perfect 🙂

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