Yen at North Rotunda, Glasgow – November 2011

We booked one of those deals “Oriental fest for two with wine at Yen Rotunda – save up to 60%”

Of course checking the small print it says side dishes aren’t included, not much of a feast then?  It’s a bug bear of mine too this having to add rice etc to your main course when the price for the main is £14.95!, put boiled rice as standard and additions for fried rice, singapore noodles etc.

We walked in the main door and we shepherded up  the stairs, after a lovely welcome (not), face dropped when he saw we had our voucher.   Shown to a booth area, then he seemed to remember courtesy and offered to hang up our coats.  We then sat down, given menus and wine list “oh you get a glass of wine”.  There are three menus at Yen, no guidance as in what was or wasn’t allowed.   Another customer was shown to her table, given her drinks order and some prawn crackers and then her soup in the time that it took for our drinks to come.

Wine was basic stuff – this size of glass was meant to be worth £4.25.

Our mains came and looked and smelled delicious.

Sweet and sour king prawn and seafood with yellow bean sauce.

Both tasty but nothing out of the ordinary.  For £12.95 and £14.95 I expected a little more.

The man was scraping the rest of the rice out of the bowl (£2.85 extra) when a waitress came over and took it off him to take away.  Grr take it at the end when we have finished, don’t harrass!

We finished our meal and asked for our bill £7.95 extra to pay due to £2.50 extra seafood charge plus the rice.

I got “the face” due to asking for my receipt back, and for not standing at the door to await my coat. I was advised that most people wait at the table he didn’t seem to like that I wanted to leave quickly (car parking around there horrendous)

I appreciate that these deals are meant to lead you in, grab you and get you to spend more.  However the lack of service shown by the establishment (the faces were so hangdog) meant that we were not encouraged to order more and certainly not think of returning.

The man stopped off on the way home for more food as he was hungry.

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1 Comment

  1. Charlie

    Yen 20th January 2012

    Another discount customer

    Purchased the deal months ago and had forgotten all about it and was pleasantly surprised when I found the voucher in a drawer
    Contacted Yen and booked table for two.
    On arrival we were met at the bottom of the stairs and escorted up to the main restaurant area were we presented our voucher. Escorted again by a lovely oriental girl who once we had sat down placed the serviette onto our laps.
    House wine was to both of our tastes and we then went through the menu to select our main meal. Choice of Tai, Cantonese or Japanese.
    Mixed platter as starter had chicken satay, spare ribs, spring rolls and dim sum.
    For meal I had green chicken curry with my wife ordering more chicken satay.
    Side dishes were not included and we ordered portions of chow mein and boiled rice
    Meals were delicious and staff were very pleasant and attentive but not intrusive
    Finished off with sweets of pineapple sorbet and cheesecake with ice cream and cream again extras but worth it

    Only fault I had was that the restaurant has car park shared with the adjacent Campanile hotel and I had bother finding the exit. I’ll take the blame for that

    A most enjoyable experience, service was excellent and meals were of a high standard. Yes I will go back.

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