Yo Sushi, Silverburn Nov 2007

Ventured to Yo Sushi last night. I was pleasantly surprised. Food seemed freshly prepared and not just brought in – but we shall see how long that lasts!

Seafood Firecracker Sticker Rice
Seafood soup
Spicy Tuna Handroll
Soft Shell Crab and Mizuna Handroll
Crab and Avocado Handroll
Soft Shell Crab and Yuzo Tobiko ISO
Spicy Chicken Katsu
Oshinko Maki
Green French Beans with Su Miso Sauce
(crispy salmon things dunno what their name was!)
Green tea mousse for dessert

Green Tea was £1.25 (unlimited)
Water £1 (unlimited)

Not an everyday or even every week type of place to visit (due to cost), but worth it now and again.

YO! Sushi on Urbanspoon

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