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Brew Bar Cafe, 36 Wellington Place, Belfast – Nov 2011

An overnight trip to Belfast and a quick visit for some breakfast at Brew Bar Cafe.    Ventured in due to the funky looking chairs and the glow on this wet and windy morning.

I was so glad we visited and I would love to go back to see more.

Due to being half asleep we went for the safety of Earl Grey Suki tea and a latte served with Farl and lemon curd as well as a bowl of porridge.  Little did we know that this place is heaven for coffee drinkers.  An array of different coffee’s as well as different means of making the coffee surround you, some of which wouldn’t look out of place in a lab.

The tea and latte went down a treat, the farl was gorgeous with tangy lemon curd and the porridge was milky and a jug of milk and a pot of honey on the side made it heavenly.

Will be on the list when returning to Belfast.




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