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Today we start our Live below the line challenge raising funds for Oxfam, which means we will be living on £1 a day for 5 days. We are a couple of days late starting as we had been away to the Chowzter Awards in London.

Also as there are two of us, it will be a max of £10 for the weeks challenge rather than £5. I have taken the prices from Tesco to enable ease of calculation for everyone.

Tesco Scottish Porridge Oats 500G 65p
Onions 16p each – 2
Tesco Everyday Value Eggs 89p for 6
Tesco Everyday Value Wholemeal Bread 45p x 2
Tesco Everyday Value Dark Red Kidney Beans 400G 30p per can
Garlic 30p
Chillies 60p
Ginger 99p
Tesco Everyday Value Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles 65G 20p
Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti 500G 20p
Tesco Mixed Vegetables 1Kg £1
Tesco Chicken Thighs 1Kg £2.50
Tesco British Skimmed Milk 2.272L/4 Pints £1
Tesco Everyday Value Chopped Tomatoes 400G 34p x 2
Tesco Everyday Value Chicken Stock Cubes 100G 10Pk 20p
Tesco Goodness Apples Min 7 Pack £1
Tesco Everyday Value Digestive Biscuits 400G 31p

Total £9.72

Donations can be made by clicking HERE.

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