Biscuit, Skirving Street, Shawlands, Glasgow – December 2012


It’s that time of year when you are needing comfort, something hot and somewhere cosy.   We nipped into Biscuit as I hadn’t been in a while and I liked their coffee last time.  Not much has changed, more cakes (always good), same minimal/modern looking decor and same happy staff 😉

the menu looked good, banana toastie with cinnamon – nom, but £7.75 for a breakfast – jings! Delicious Ayrshire Bacon and Stornaway Black Pudding it may be but near 8 quid in a cafe.

We plumped for two drinks, one Biscuit Coffee – espresso ,steamed milk, caramel syrup and cream (£2.85) and one Mega Mocha – espresson, hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows (£2.85)

Both were a bit weak to be honest with the coffee taste.  Caramel was good and another minus was the drinks were not as warm as I would’ve liked.  So much for a leisurely sit down.  Would love to like biscuit more as its a local business trying hard but I leave feeling let down.

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