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Riccardo's Italian - Rotolato

We headed along to Riccardo’s armed with a Groupon voucher to the value of £49.75 for 2 courses for 2 people plus a bottle of wine.

We were given choice of red, white or rosé, we opted for white but a bottle of red was opened in front of us. We said we asked for white and it was taken away, the manager(?) then returned to tell us that the white was a Pinot Grigio (Viala Garganega) which was a wine he’d never tried before…and this was in an Italian restaurant?! Perhaps he meant he’d never tried the Viala Garganega Pinot Grigio before but that’s not what it sounded like!

There were only 2 staff on the floor and the place was filling up.

Our starters of soup arrived but with no spoons! It took a minute or two before we got someone’s attention…

Riccardo's Italian - Minestrone & Tomato Soup
Riccardo’s Italian – Minestrone & Tomato Soup

Tomato soup – a standard no frills soup.
Minestrone – no pasta in this but it was full of big chunks of veg and homely

We had noticed something called a Rotolato on the menu, we enquired as to what this was and were told that it was the house speciality, some sort of rolled-up pizza, and so we ordered one.

Riccardo's Italian - Rotolato
Riccardo’s Italian – Rotolato

It was fairly light, not stodgy with a decent vegetable filling.

Riccardo's Italian - Salcissa Risotto
Riccardo’s Italian – Salcissa Risotto

The Salcissa risotto was a fairly big portion, which was both a blessing and a curse as it was a bit much to wade through so we had to leave some.

We didn’t order any extras so overall, I doubt our voucher was really worth £49.75 and the service was a bit slow & disorganised – there were only 2 staff on the floor and the more senior of the two made a few nervy jokes which felt a bit awkward but all the food was all fine and edible so our verdict is: decent without being amazing – we would give them another go. Plus the waitress told us about the Vivino app which we didn’t know about so that gets them a few extra brownie points.

Clean toilets, well stocked with soap and tissues.

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