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Fred Cleo Glasgow foodie food blog

Sounds very businesslike.  In reality it’s just us bumbling along finding out things.

Top spot goes to FredChief Taster.  The main man of the house and a handsome one at that. His purr of honour is at the bottom of freebies we have received.  He is a grouch and if pleased will give a scratch to remind you of your place.  He comes and checks out whatever we are eating.

fred purr of honour

Second up is Cleo, Trainee Taster.  Ms Prim is very picky and prefers to watch seagulls but will have a look at what you are eating.

cleo cat kitty foodie explorers

That’s the main staff out the way, next up Mark or Mr Foodie.  He isn’t happy unless planning on travel or eating, especially wierd things.

mark mr foodie

Finally Emma AKA Mrs Foodie.  Loves bed too much, likes to read rubbish on the net, books about world war II and drink beer.  This is a pic of a Geocaching triumph.



Fred Cleo Glasgow foodie food blog
Fred and Cleo tired by all that eating.
Glasgow Foodie
Glasgow Foodie

Mrs Foodie aka Emma loves to snuggle with Fred and Cleo, sleep and read.

Can be found with gin or a pint in hand.

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